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Sari is a Kurdo-Lebanese, a hybrid of a tourism professional and a sociology enthusiast, who graduated with two BA degrees from IMI University Centre in Lucerne (Switzerland) and Manchester Metropolitan University (UK) in 2016 with a focus on Tourism Marketing, Sociology and Anthropology.

He worked in small, medium and big travel, tourism, leisure and hospitality companies across Greece, Lebanon, Spain, Switzerland and Thailand including independent ones, start-ups and landmarks. Currently he is working in Marketing Communications at Banyan Tree's flagship resort in Thailand. he is also conducting tourism research and studying its implications on local communities.

In the future, he seeks a career in the epistemological decolonisation of social impact assessment techniques and research in tourism studies. He hopes that his industry experience and empirical research will aide him in achieving relevant and contemporary results that could challenge traditional methodologies and paradigms which at times have been an obstacle in the face of tourism sustainability and development.


- Winner of the 2016 Tom Maher Award for best overall dissertation.

- Named as one of nine winning 'Young Talents' at the 2017 World Tourism Forum Lucerne.

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I am a Kurdo-Lebanese, a hybrid of a tourism professional and a sociology enthusiast. I mainly work in Tourism Marketing and conduct Tourism research with a strong focus on social impact assessment.


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