Dr. Venkatesh Ganapathy


Venkatesh Ganapathy completed his schooling and college education in Mumbai. He is an alumnus of the prestigious University Department of Chemical Technology from where he graduated with a degree in oil technology in the year 1992. He later joined Castrol India as a management trainee and in the next two decades he got exposure working in various functional areas like research, technical services, performance management and project management.

Venkatesh entered academia by joining Presidency Business School in 2012. He teaches subjects in the domains of Marketing, Operations and General Management. He has completed his doctoral colloquium in the area of supply chain management and shall be completing his research work by the last quarter of 2017.

Venkatesh is an avid blogger having written over 300 blogs in Linked In, Money Life and People matters. He has written over 35 research papers that have been published in internationally recognized, peer-reviewed journals and presented papers in conferences. His recent research efforts center on the Mumbai dabbawalas (the food delivery men of Mumbai) and ride sourcing services (Uber).

In 2005, Venkatesh was nominated by Castrol (part of BP PLC) to take part in the Strategy Conference that was held in Hamburg, Germany. In 2008 he was invited as a guest faculty by S P Jain Global Management Institute to conduct classes in “Project Management” for students pursuing MBA in the Singapore campus.
Besides holding a degree in oil technology, Venkatesh holds a management degree from Southern New Hampshire University, a diploma in supply chain management from APICS and a fellowship course in insurance.

Venkatesh is passionate about writing and for him writing is akin to breathing.

Venkatesh has published the following books so far:

1. Introduction to Green Supply Chain Management
2. Managing successful innovations
3. Innovation Management
4. Management musings – an anthology of emerging managerial concepts
5. Disaster management in India – Evolving a PPP model

Venkatesh has completed a book on “Modern day Retail Management” and is working on his next “Strategic Management of Human Capital”. In 2018, Venkatesh plans to complete an exhaustive text on “The Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chains” which has been a long-cherished dream for him

About Me

Venkatesh completed his degree in oil technology from UDCT, Mumbai and MBA from Southern New Hampshire University. He worked in industry for close to two decades before switching over to academia to pursue research.


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