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Dr.Tethloach Domach Ruey was born in 1975 and completed his secondary education at Jiren Secondary School in Jimma, Ethiopia. He obtained Bachelor of Arts (International Community Development) at Victoria University in Melbourne, Graduate Certificate (Project Management) at University of South Australia, Master of Arts (International Relations) at Deakin University in Melbourne and Doctor of Science (International Relations) at Atlantic International University in Hawaii.

He served as Member of Parliament and Member of Foreign Affairs Standing Committee in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (1995-1998); Vice-President of the Ethiopian Basketball Federation Executive Committee (1997-1998); Member of the Board of Directors of the Ethiopian News Agency (1997-1998), and a Politburo Member of Gambella People’s United Democratic Party in Ethiopia (1996-1998). He also served in the South Sudanese Army as a Major.

He published the following academic publications:
The South Sudanese Conflict Analysis: Conflict Profile, Causes, Actors and Dynamics (Doctoral Thesis).

Understanding diplomacy. Definition and differences to foreign policy and international relations.

Purposes and Functions of Diplomacy.

The history of diplomacy and ancient Greek, Italian, Roman and French diplomatic traditions.

Chinese Diplomatic Tradition. An Overview from 280 BC Until Today.


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