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Having a unique linguistic background of bilingual education policy, Andrea Fung learned the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) at the age of 9 and developed an early interest in languages and a curious mind as to with regards to cross-cultural exchange. Due to this, she took up a degree programme related to language and culture, which she got true information about language and set aside the groundless thoughts about language that humans are all prone to, which is important for all reasons to do with fairness, equality and the future of humanity. During her university years, and upon graduation in 2016, Fung received scholarships in recognition of outstanding academic performance. Such awards gained her a position of research assistant on Gender Studies. Her summer internship position at German Swiss International School also delivered career benefit of working under a multicultural environment.

Fung showed herself as a multi-talented young lady with strong sense of commitment and positive outlook of life. She was the prize-winning habitué of the Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (English Speech). Fung had also proven herself capable of working independently and effectively as a responsible student. She served well as the Editor of the School Chinese Newsletter, Project-based Learning Prefect, Personal, Society & Humanity Education Prefect, English Ambassador, and Chairlady of the School Orchestra. When she is not preoccupied by academic activities, Fung enjoys spending her time writing as it is one of her dreams to have her writings published. She also spends a great deal of time learning and developing her skills and understanding of music as much as possible by playing the piano and flute, and actively involving in voluntary activities, such as international cultural exchange programmes and wildlife conservation.

Right now, she is expanding her field of knowledge on TED as translator and transcriber, and is learning to edit for court reporters under Ms. Linda Evenson. Fung is also honoured to be 1) a selected mentor of online courses on both Linguistics and International Law in Leiden University, The Netherlands, 2) a founding member of HAL (Humans, Applications and Languages) in Aarhus University, Denmark (a research network for exploring human factors in translation with technology), and 3) affiliate member of Linguistic Society of Hong Kong.

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adventure hunter. bold thinker. cranky linguaphile. hearty eater. perfection seeker. perpetual learner. neat freak. travel buff.


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