Dr. Christo Ananth


Let me start with a brief introduction. I obtained my B.E. Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering in 2009 and my M.E. Degree in Applied Electronics in 2013. I received my PhD Degree in Engineering in 2017. I have almost 8 years of involvement in research, instructing, counseling and down to earth application improvement. My exploration skill covers Image Processing, Co-operative Networks, Electromagnetic Fields, Electronic Devices, Wireless Networks and Medical Electronics. I have taken an interest and presented papers in 3 National level Technical Symposiums, 9 Research papers in National Level Conferences, 27 Research Papers in International level Conferences, 52 Research Papers in refereed and indexed International Journals in the field of Embedded Systems, Networking, Digital Image Processing, Network Security and VLSI. I have attended 14 Technical Seminars/Training Courses/Faculty Development Programs. I have contributed 4 International Book Chapters in USA and authored & published 3 Engineering Text books entitled "RF and Microwave Engineering[MICROWAVE ENGINEERING]" (for Final year B.E. ECE Undergraduates), "Electronic Devices" (for First year B.E. ECE Undergraduates) and "A Brief Outline on Electronic Devices and Circuits"(for First year B.E. ECE Undergraduates). I have published 10 monographs and 3 Dissertations/Thesis in Reputed International Journals. I am a beneficiary of Special note in 4 Engineering Text books associated to Anna University, Chennai, India. For my extraordinary Academic Excellence in Research Community, I have been conferred with the title "Editor-in-Chief" and "Associate Editor" of 5 International Journals by ACE Publications and Fisheries and Aquatic Studies Organization.
At present, I am a member of 32 Professional Bodies over the globe. I am a Biographical World Record Holder of Marquis' Who’s Who in the World (32nd, 33rd and 34th Edition) for my exceptional commitment towards explore group from 2015-2017. I have conveyed Guest Lectures in Reputed Engineering Colleges and Reputed Industries on different themes. 4 Best Paper Awards have been given to me from different instruction related social exercises in and outside India. I have organized nearly 19 self-supporting National level Technical Symposiums, Conferences and Workshops in the field of Embedded Systems, Networking, Digital Image Processing, Network Security, VLSI, Biotechnology, Management and Architecture.


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Author: Dr. Christo Ananth

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