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I am Linoy A Tharakan, presently working as Associate Professor with the Department of Computer Applications at Mar Thoma Institute of Information Technology, Kollam, Kerala. I obtained my B.Sc in Electronics from the University of Kerala and M.Sc in Electronics from Barkatullah University. I have my PhD in Electronics from Bharathiyar University on the topic Wireless sensor networking and Power management. I also have to my credit, 8international publications in reputed Journals , 10 national publications in magazines and 5 international presentations.
I enjoy working with students and have served as Softskill and Lifeskill trainer as well as Placement coordinator. I never leave out avenues where I can share my knowledge and skill-sets with others because I believe that knowledge grows when you share it with others. As a passionate academicians who wants to bring about a significant change in the society through my research studies.


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