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Dr. Issac Hatley grew-up in the inner city of Los Angeles. As a young kid he was introduced to football and that became his passion. As Dr. Hatley excelled in sports, he realized that will open doors to college. After graduating from Jefferson High School, with no scholarship offers, he attended Mt. San Antonio College for two years and received an athletic scholarship to Montana State University. After completing his eligibility, Dr. Hatley returned to Los Angeles and completed his Bachelors and Masters degree at California State University Dominguez Hills. It was at this point Dr. Hatley realized education was his newfound passion. Dr. Hatley went on to teach at Jefferson High School for three years. In 2003, Dr. Hatley moved to Chicago to work as a school administrator at Ralph Ellison Charter School. After spending two years in Chicago, Dr.Hatley, relocated back to Los Angeles and began working as an adjunct instructor and outreach coordinator. It was in 2013, Dr. Hatley decided to return to school and complete his Doctorate degree in Educational Leadership and Management. His dissertation was focused on improving the lives of adults with intellectual disabilities.


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