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Dr Milton Owuor, PhD, is an all-round society conscious international criminal lawyer by profession. He pursued the prestigious New York State law course in 2017. Dr Milton is on high demand worldwide, for high profile legal consultancy – He undertook high profile consultancy on the US Attorney-General’s Department of Justice policy on Cy pres doctrine in US Federal Courts, at Goldwater Institute in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Member of International Law Association. He is an advocate of over 26 years standing having been admitted and ‘called to the Bar’ to practice as an Advocate in 1995. He belongs to the legal academia. Dr Owuor holds a PhD in International Criminal Law. He is the Founder Chair & CEO of Center for International Criminal Justice (A).

He has demonstrated exceptional brilliance throughout his academic career. He won the prestigious HHM Merit Prize for being the Best Law Student -academic year 1989/90. He graduated among the top candidates in his class with a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) (Honours) degree in 1993, and the same year, proceeded to research LLM.

He has published widely within the realm of legal academia. One of his outstanding publications is a “Handbook on the Constitution of Botswana: Questions and Facts” (ISBN 99912-0-418-0 ), which is a recommended text book for reference in schools and universities. Dr Adv Milton’s PhD doctoral research entitled “The International Criminal Court and Positive Complementarity: Legal and institutional framework” makes far reaching recommendations for the restructuring and reform of the Assembly of States Parties of the International Criminal Court. His recent publication is an outstanding intellectual analysis entitled “United States Attorney-General’s Justice Department policy on the application of the Cy Pres Doctrine in Federal Courts of the United States of America.”(ISBN: 9783668720497)

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