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George Yiapanas is the Finance Manager of GSP Stadium in Nicosia, CY, with more than 20 years of progressive experience in the sports industry. He holds an MA degree in Management from the University of Wolverhampton, UK, a degree in Accounting from the BPP University, UK, a Certificate in Football Management and a Diploma in Security Management. Currently he is a PhD student in Sports Management at the University of Nicosia, CY.

He is a board member of Cyprus Association for Sports Management (CyASM), a member of the Association of Accounting Technicians (MAAT) and a student member of the EuroMed Research Business Institute (SMEMAB/EMRBI). He has served as Chairman of Cyprus Squash Association (CSA) for 5 years. He is an UEFA Certified Safety Officer and a qualified stewarding trainer.

He is appointed by the University of Roehampton, UK, to teach Business and Management and by Global College in Nicosia, CY, to teach Management and Sports Grounds Safety Management, where he also serves as the Head of the BA programs in Security Management.

His primary research interests are in the areas of sports strategic management, Sports governance, sports consumer behaviour, marketing and sponsorship and sports safety management. He authored a book on Sports Grounds Safety Management and attended numerous local and international conferences, where he had the chance to present papers on sports management and sports grounds safety management. His professional activities and expertise in the field allow him to take part in various projects and discussion panels that pertain to football safety. Currently he is part of a national task, on behalf of the Cyprus Stewarding Commission, for delivering a trained workforce of stewards governed by the new regulations created under the Cyprus law.


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