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George Yiapanas holds a degree in Accounting from BPP University (UK) and an MA degree in
Management from the University of Wolverhampton (UK). Currently he is a Ph.D. candidate in Sports
Management at University of Nicosia. He also holds a certificate in Football Management and a
diploma in Security Management.

Since 2000 he is the Finance Manager of GSP Stadium in Nicosia, also holding the position of the
deputy safety officer as from 2013. He served as Chairman of Cyprus Squash Association from 2010
to 2015. In December 2017 he became a member of the board of directors of Cyprus Association for
Sports Management. He is a certified safety officer and a qualified stewarding trainer by UEFA.
Currently he is part of a national task, on behalf of Cyprus Stewarding Commission, of delivering a
trained workforce of stewards governed by the new regulations created under the Cyprus law.
He is currently appointed by Global College in Nicosia to teach Management, and Sports Grounds
Safety Management to BA students, being also the Head of the program of study of BA in Security
Management. He is also appointed by the University of Roehampton to teach Management to MBA

In 2016 he authored a book on Sports Grounds Safety Management, the first Greek book of its kind
based on the procedures to be followed according to Cyprus law and the instructions and
regulations of FIFA and UEFA to organize a safe and secure sporting event.

He attended an amount of local and international conferences and had the chance to write several
articles and present various papers regarding sports management and sports grounds safety
management. He has also taken part in various projects and discussion panels pertain to football
violence in Cyprus


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