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Saiyed Muhammad Fauzan Ali is an MBA/M.phil specialized in Supply Chain management. During his studies, he worked as a part time research writer and critical reviewer. Fauzan's interest in the field of Supply chain management lies primarily in the procurement and sourcing sphere, and being part of a highly ranked institution gave him the chance to visit companies, interview managers and directors and extract information in order to collate reports on their business activities. These challenging projects helped him earn a substantial amount of personal experience with marketing management, human resources, Supply Chain and Procurement Function across different companies under the FMCG, Automobile and Textile industries. The Author has worked in the past with Technomen Kinetics, a leading engineering company with multi million dollar projects to it's credit, and Dany Tech in the procurement capacity. Moreover, being a writing enthusiast, the Author is the founder of an online health magazine 'The Health Sphere' and co-owns a business.

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MBA/M.phil in supply chain management
Internationally certified lean six sigma specialist
Blogger (The Health Sphere)


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Author: Fauzan Ali

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Institution / College Iqra University
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Created on 1/15/2019

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