Dr Raphael Muli Wambua


Raphael M. Wambua completed his Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Agricultural Engineering from Egerton University in 2016 specializing in Soil and Water Resources Engineering. He holds a Master of Science and Bachelor of Science Degree in Agricultural Engineering which he completed in 2004 and 2008 respectively. He had his short experience as a trainee with FMD East Africa (ltd), a Company that deals with Farm Machinery. He started teaching as a Tutorial and Research Fellow in 2005 and later as a Lecturer at Egerton in 2008.

Dr. Raphael M. Wambua has taught courses such as Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, Soil and Water Conservation Engineering, Soil and Water Management, Irrigation and water Management, Engineering survey and Water Resources Development. He has also been involved in training Engineering Practice, development and implementation of community based projects, training farmers, organizing and co-coordinating seminars and conferences. Raphael M. Wambua joined South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU) in 2009, where he was involved in teaching and development of the University academic programmes. He has conducted research and published in a number of journals. He has in addition been involved in University administration currently he is Ag. Chairman of the Department of Agricultural Engineering, Egerton University. He has been the ag-Dean, School of Engineering and Technology, Chairman of Department of Agricultural Engineering and Time-tabling co-coordinator. He is an international Member of Institution of Agricultural Engineers (MIAgrE), Registered Graduate Engineer with Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK), and a member of World Association of Soil and Water Conservation (WASWC).


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