David Sidikie Yambasu


David Sidikie Yambasu has more than 20 years of experience working in the Civil Society Space for both National and International NGOs. He has worked in rural communities as a front line development worker in Sierra Leone, Ghana, and Liberia. Supporting Young, trained and Untrained social workers in the provision of basic social services to the vulnerable poor has been critical to his professional life. His passion is to achieve shared team vision and positive social change. He graduates from Atlantic International University with a PhD in Project Management.

About Me

Am currently working as Director of Caritas Bo. We work as a Charity and a development Organization in Southern Sierra Leone. I have passion for influencing positive social change


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Caritas Sierra Leone Bo
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Development Consultancies
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training in working with Civil Society Organizations and Child Protection
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PhD ( just completed academic Work)
Working with Childre, Playing Table Tennis, Reading investigative and Managament texts

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Author: David Sidikie Yambasu

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Institution / College Caritas Sierra Leone
Employed at Caritas Sierra Leone Bo
Profession MANAGER
Created on 3/11/2019

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