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Alfredo José López Severiche is a Colombian citizen and New Zealander. Alfredo is a PhD from Auckland University of Technology (AUT). He has undergraduate studies in Advanced Computer Science and a postgraduate in Information Technology. Alfredo holds a Master's degree with honours in International Communication. Also, he holds a Master's degree in International Development. Additionally, he has studied many courses such as

• Anthropology of Current World Issues.
• Global Sociology.
• Global Social Change.
• Human Rights.
• Solving Public Policy Problems.
• Social Work Practice: Advocating Social Justice and Change.
• International Human Rights.
• Understanding the Origins of Crime.
• Foundations of Psychology.
• Sociology.
• Negotiation and Conflict Resolution.
• Human Resources.
• Cybersecurity Management.
• The Challenge of Big Data, and others.

His expertise is in Migration and Refugees Studies, Quality of Life, Human Rights and Biblical studies.


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