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Accra – capital of Ghana. I live and work there since November last year. Prior to which I have been a resident of Bolgatanga, the famous regional capital of Ghana’s Upper East Region.

I am employed as an Advisor in International Co-operation, meaning Development Work, International Aid and such like. With this, I could use my experience as a business consultant, stay involved in project management and work in fields and with partners relevant to me.

I enjoy Accra and its rapidly growing offer of coffee-to-go, pastries and Italian food – things I missed when living in Bolga and had much compensation for with the beautiful Savannah landscape and the sense of wide open space.

I am an avid reader and love to write – I wish I could make a living out of that.

Über mich

I am a Consultant in Development Cooperation, specialising in Project Management with Capacity Development design & delivery.

I am currently window-shopping for a new position, and would love to WRITE professionally.


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consulting skills in private enterprise and intercultural contexts, project management, training/capacity devlopment design & delivery, writing skills
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Master European Studies, BA European Business Administration, Dipl.-Kauffrau
traveling, English and German literature, swimming in summer & snowboarding in winter

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