Lecturer Gedifew Yigzaw


Mr. Gedifew Sewenet Yigzaw is a Lecturer of Governance and Development Studies at Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Civic and Ethical Education from Arba Minch University, Ethiopia on July 15, 2010. On July 10, 2014, he pursued his Master of Arts Degree in Governance and Development Studies with a specialization in Governance Studies from Hawassa University, Ethiopia. He has delivered much training to those who are in need of and presented seminar works. He has more than eight years of scholarly teaching and research experience at different Universities. Gedifew spends much time working in the office. He has served universities with great work commitment and motivation. He has the habit of strong work commitment, the skills of decision making, developing teamwork and academic excellence. Developing a research skill is his primary goal in his academic career and it is his inborn quality. He has the skills of managing stress and challenges carefully, controlling emotions and feelings, the capacity to recognize and respond to important matters, the ability to seek compromise and to resolve differences in ways that build best trust and confidence. He has published scholarly works in reputable journals. Besides, he has reviewed many scholarly manuscripts worldwide.
Gedifew is further interested to do his research activities in the following thematic areas:
Good Governance and Institutional Reform, New public Management, Public Service delivery and Citizens’ Charter, Education and General education quality relevance, Migration and Displacement, E-governance and ICT, Environment and resource governance, Leadership and Public policy Issues, Democracy and Democratization, Ethics and Professionalism, Conflict Resolution, Media and Governance Agenda, and Gender and Development.


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