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The author, Mintesinot Desalegn Eshetu, was born in Balakasa Gedo Kebele, Arsi Robe District, and Arsi Zone of Oromia Regional State in Ethiopia on December 21 / 1991 G.C. He attended his primary school at Habe and Robe Elementary School and Robe Didea secondary schools, respectively. The time from elementary to high school was 1997 to 2009 G.C. In 2010, he joined Ambo University and graduated in 2012 with Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry. After his graduation, he was employed by Oromia Agricultural Research Institute in Nekemte Soil Research center, Oromia Region. He served there for five years (August 2013-October 2018) as a Soil Chemistry Researcher, soil and plant tissue test, and interpretation of soil and plant tissue data. Then, in October 2018, he joined the graduate school of Haramaya University to pursue his MSc studies in Soil Science, and in 2019 he was studying for a graduate thesis paper on the title “Soil Fertility Status and Nutrient Content in Maize (Zea mays L.) Tissue at Migna Kura in Wayu Taka District, East Wollega, Ethiopia”. He received MSc in Soil Science from Haramaya University in October 2022.


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