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Mr. Jive Lubbungu holds a Masters of Literature and a Bachelor of Arts (BA Ed) Degrees obtained at The University of Zambia; specialised in comparative Literature. He is currently a Lecturer at Kwame Nkrumah University, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, in the Department of Literature and Languages, in Zambia. He is also a PhD candidate in Literature at Africa Research University (ARU) in Zambia. He has contributed to the advancement of knowledge through teaching, Research, administrative experience and Paper Presentations at local and at international platform. His research interest lies in comparative Literature and Contemporary Issues .Mr Lubbungu is also a coodinator of Research Paper presentation seminars in the department of Literature and languages within the University. He was Convener of Kwame Nkrumah University Golden Jubilee International Conference which was successfully held from 19-20th September 2018 in Kabwe, Zambia. Mr. Lubbungu is the current Chair of the International Conference on Education for Sustainable Development (ICESD 2020) co-organised with Zeetarz Publishing Nigeria, which will be held in Zambia from March 17-18 at Kwame Nkrumah University. He also conducts motivational talks to students in the Unversity as well as offer editorial services to students and collleagues alike. He is a patron of the University Art Club, Debate Club, and also a deputy Chair of the University French Club. Mr Lubbungu has published Books as well as articles in international referred journals. He has a strong passion for writing. He has worked with various stakeholders in his civic duties and in academics. He is a member of the senate of Africa Research University (ARU). He is a member of Zambia Network for Environmental educators and Practioners (ZANEEP) Kabwe Chapter. He is also a member of the Zambia Text book, Academic and Non-/fiction Authors Association (ZATANFAA).

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 Possess more than five years of academic work experience in Literature in English, formal training in sustainable development in business, entrepreneurship, marketing and project management.


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