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The author, Saurav Lamichhane is the son of Mr. Ganga Prasad Lamichhane and Mrs. Brinda Poudel. He was born on 30 September 1998 in Madi- 3, Chitwan, Nepal.
He completed his school leaving certificate (SLC) education from Gyandarshan English Boarding School, Chitwan, Nepal in 2012. He got his Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) education from Orchid College in 2015. Then, he was enrolled in B.Sc. Fisheries program in the year 2015 at Agriculture and Forestry University, Chitwan.
He had traveled to many places related to aquaculture and fisheries, farm, and offices. He had participated in “Leadership, Personality development, Motivational program, Data analysis, Climate change simulation programs.”
During his four years of an undergraduate program, he had involved in LEE (Learning Entrepreneurial Experience) and equipped with field-level experience in fisheries and aquaculture. He keeps his keen interest in research and development in breeding and aquaculture production.


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Author: Saurav Lamichhane

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