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Jason Guangco Tabalbag is a very optimistic and proactive person. He believes in excellence in leadership. He is a native of the Philippines. He taught English in China for 11 years at different institutions. On two occasions, he became a speaker in an English workshop seminar to the middle school English teachers and he also became a motivator to the primary English teachers at his school district where he taught in China. He has a bachelor's degree in Education major in English. He also has a master's degree in Special Education major in Moderate to Severe Disabilities. Jason is a man of all trades. During these pandemic times, he hones his skills in learning different hobbies. These trades are being greased monkey, chef, workout enthusiast and farmer, although an amateur, he still pursues learning these in perfection. Occasionally, he can be found either in his car, in the kitchen, in the gym, or on the farm.

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I am a very optimistic person. I see the world in a positive way. I am also a dreamer and an influencer. As for my teaching background, I have taught in China for 11 years, 8 years in the uni and 3 years in the primary.


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Master of Arts in Education major in Special Education
Teaching, working out, farming, getting fit

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