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Digitization will bring about real revolutions in many areas of healthcare and gives the staff relief!

Nursing Expert and telemedical advisor with over 25 years of operational healthcare experience. Health Economist, Emergency Nursing Specialist and Paramedic. I never lost sight of my ultimate goal => best possible care and treatment quality. My motto in the sense of a salutogenic: prevention is better than aftercare.

Spectrum of activity: excellence in healthcare, digitization, telemedicine and integrated care. A high quality of the digitized care processes makes it possible to avoid redundant processes and thus save costs. Digitization is an important aspect of relieving nursing staff of administrative tasks for person-to-person work. Figures show that the health sector is facing a dramatic shortage of care in the coming years and decades, which endangers the well-being of people. In order to recruit new staff and retain existing staff, improvements in working conditions are necessary, especially in nursing.

My experience with patients and further academic qualifications in the healthcare industry allow me to generate practical and therefore viable solutions. As a multicultural city child and German-Swiss dual citizen, I remain cosmopolitan. I don’t forget that we work with people for people.

Website: www.hcsconsultants.eu

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- Age of big data – increasing demands in swiss telemedical advices
Open Access, Volume 9 | Issue 5 | 09 · 20. Mai 2021, Nursing Congress 2021, 4th Global Conference

#bethechange #digitalhealth #valuebasedhealthcare #nursingstaff #staffshortage

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Gesundheitsökonom und Pflegeexperte - Excellence im Gesundheitswesen, Digitalisierung und integrierte Versorgung. Digitization will bring about real revolutions in many areas of healthcare and gives the staff relief.


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