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Grace-Tera is a pastor/teacher and conference speaker in mostly tertiary institutions and among small women groups, speaking mostly on issues related to women; teaching them to know and understand their true identity and purpose and subsequently empowering them to live accordingly.
Through her mentorship work with youth, she pioneered the Kingdom Lifestyle Pageant as a platform to train, equip, encourage and empower young women to seek to live the purposeful life that God created them for and project it to the world. She believes that when women get it right, men will also be liberated to walk in the fullness of whom they were created to be and for this reason her aim is to help provide the ultimate solution to SDG 2030 Agenda #5, on Gender Equality and Women Empowerment. This she believes will lead to the achievement of all the other SDGs which are hinged on the male and female species.
She is convinced of the fact that the truth that will set we as a people, our world and it's systems free from the extreme chaos is hidden in the ideologies of Christ Jesus!


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