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Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics Education (Zimbabwe Open University), Master of Education Degree-Curriculum Studies - Mathematics (Great Zimbabwe University), Bachelor of Education Degree (Mathematics) (Great Zimbabwe University) , BSC Special Honours Degree in Monitoring And Evaluation (Lupane State University), Certificate in Improvement of Education in Remote Areas – For the Achievement of SDGs (A) (Kochi University Japan), Computer Appreciation Certificate, Certificate for completion of a course in Continuous Assessment, Certificate in “Improvement of Quality Teaching and Evaluation Methodology in Primary Science and Mathematics for Sub-Saharan African Countries” (Okayama University - Japan), Certificate in “The Foundations of Educational Quality: Strengthening our Practices and Systems of Learner-Centered Education (Okayama University - Japan), Certificate in Disaster Risk Management and First Aid in Schools - Civil Protection Unit Zimbabwe , Class 4 Driver`s License - VID Zimbabwe, Certificate of Participation- 59th World Assembly of the International Council on Education for Teaching (ICET) Conference - Naruto University - Japan, Education for Behaviour Change Programme, Participated in the development of the Zimbabwe Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education Curriculum Framework as a technical team member, A committed, result oriented, honest and self-motivated senior officer and principal mathematics curriculum development officer, prolific writer, multitask and easy with computer systems.


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Created on 5/13/2023