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Li Chao, Artist, PhD from Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria, Master's degree from University of the Arts, Berlin, Germany and Academy of Fine Arts, Zurich, Switzerland, Bachelor's degree from Academy of Fine Arts, Shanxi University, China. member of SAN PANG political art group. He is a member of the Berlin Artists' Association, a member of the China Stage Artists' Association, a special artist of the Chinese and Foreign Art Research Institute, and a contracted artist of the Artinliving Spaces gallery in Germany.
In his work, Li Chao refers to the socio-political environment and its impact on society. He uses different media such as painting, sculpture, installation, video and photography to examine the relationship between architecture, gender roles, control and power. In doing so, he often incorporates the viewer as well as the exhibition space and its surroundings into his thinking.
His works have been awarded the Michelangelo International Art Prize in Italy, the Art Vue Prize Summer2022 in Belgium, the ANföR e.V. Art Prize in Germany, the One Earth Awards in India, the Honourable Mention at The Fear Faire Film Festival in the USA, the Asian Young Artist Award, and the Chenzhi China Crystal Kirin Award, among other important international awards. Many of his works have been selected in SUMY NONA, Albe Art Gallery Catalogue/Magazine 2021, Chinese Contemporary Art Yearbook, Chinese Sculpture Yearbook, Chinese and Foreign Art Literature and other literature and books. His works have been collected by galleries and museums at home and abroad as well as by private collectors, such as the Koppelotsos Family Art Museum in Athens, the Villa Venino Art Museum of the Milan City Cultural Bureau, the Kaufbeuren Art Museum, the Tsinghua University Art Museum, and others.


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