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Asia Norusta was born on 15.02.1978 in Kassoki, Punjuab, Pakistan, where she received her primary eduction in a remote village named Kassoki. She visited then Jalalpur Jattan for her secondary school and moved to Gujrat, where she did her FSc. and bachelor (BSc.) in Chemistry, Botony and Zoology. At the same time, she passed her second bachelor in Education (BEd) and got a professional degree for teaching as well. Continueous learning and teaching shaped her life and she was always not only a student but also a teacher throughout her career. After her BEd., she not only did MEd in Science Education but also passed her M.Phil in Education. Then, istead of going to do PhD in Education further, she wanted, first, to realize her old dream of doing MSc. in Microbiology, so she completed in 2022. During this studies, she did a three-months internship in the field of Microbiology in a laboratory in Pakistan.

Professional: She has always been teaching since 1998 till today the subjects of Chemistry and Biology at various high schools in Pakistan.

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I was born in Pakistan, where I got my early eduction. I did my BSc., BEd, MEd, MPhil in Pakistan before I got my MSc. degree in Microbiology.


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