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Born in Italy (Bologna, 1971), I got my B.S. in Economics in 1995 and my M.A. in Arts and Humanities in 2010. I like reading, writing and travelling. Right now I am responsible for Marketing and Communication activities.


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I am looking for
job opportunities, techincal advice, consultancy in Communication, Arts and Umanities
I have to offer
Communication skilss, Knowledge of history of art and humanities;, Foreign languages;, Organization;
Highest degree
B.S. in Economics;, B.A. in Arts and Humanities;
During my spare time, I like reading books, novels and magazines. I like going to the cinema and to the theatre, as well as to art exhibitions. Sometimes, on special occasions, I appreciate arranging parties and social events with friends. I love travelling very much. I regularly play a sport such as swimming, running or fitness at a gym.

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Author: Paolo Grandi

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Created on 8/10/2011

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