Assistant Lecturer Bonaventure Muzigirwa


I studied TEFL for my undergraduate and upon undergraduating I undertook teaching English at Alfajiri High School. Subsequently I was appointed Teaching Assistant in the Department of English-African Culture of the Teacher Training College of Bukavu. I spent five years teaching and training prospective teachers of English as a Foreign Language and researching in Literature and Literary Linguistics. During the same period I worked as visiting Teaching Assistant in a number of other universities and colleges in Bukavu, including the Université Officielle de Bukavu, the Université Evangélique en Afrique, the Teacher-Training College of Walung and Idjwi, and worked as a language trainer in Banro Congo Mining. Then I felt the need to further my studies in Literary Linguistics and registered for this programme at the University of Birmingham-UK, where I will complete my MA next September 2014.


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Author: Assistant Lecturer Bonaventure Muzigirwa

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