Dr. Md. Mizanur Rahman


Dr. Rahman works (Joint Director, Research) in the Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development (BARD). Mr. Rahman has 20 years experience in social research, training and action research in broader areas of rural development, local governance and policy issues etc. BARD is mandated to conduct exploratory and operational research, policy analysis; impart training programs to the GOs and NGOs officials & others concerned with rural development. Mizan has published widely in some international and national journals i.e. Sociology Mind, International Journal of Physical and Social Sciences, Asia-Pacific Journal of Rural Development, NIDA Development Journal, Thai Journal of Public Administration, Afro-Asian Journal of Rural Development, Bangladesh Journal of Public Administration, Bangladesh Institute International and Strategic Studies Journal, Journal of Rural Development, The Journal of Rural Development (BARD), Bangladesh Journal of Public Administration etc. He has experience in designing and managing training programs for national and international level participants. Mr. Mizan also holds positions in academic/professional bodies.


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Author: Dr. Md. Mizanur Rahman

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