Kodak, Fight to Revive. SWOT Analysis and Strategy Plan

Seminar Paper, 2012

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1. Introduction

2. ssessing Kodak’s position in the market
1) Threat of New Entrants
2) Bargaining Power of Buyers
3) Threat of Substitutes
4) Bargaining Power of Suppliers
5) Degree of Intense Rivalry

3. Strategy Plans
3.1. Financial strategy
1) Current financial situation
2) Financial Solutions
3.2. Marketing Strategy
1) Customer satisfaction leads to the top of the market
2) New technology innovation: creating real value
3) Continue the service: integration of online+ offline activities
3.3 Change the Company Culture
1) We Need Speed Up
2) Focus on the good stuff
3) Run like a huge startup company

4. Recommendation

5. Conclusion

1. Introduction

Globalization and shifts in technology have changed the thinking of consumers. Digital cameras and cell phones have created a shift in the way most people take pictures and retrieve their photos. Kodak failed in reinventing the company's core business model successfully during the past few years.[1] The growth of new core business didn’t make up the effects of Kodak's fastfading film revenues. Kodak is currently in serious financial trouble: quickly going through cash, selling patents and accessing credit lines. We are facing a difficult task in what can be considered one of the hardest financial times Kodak has ever been through.

In this paper, we first use SWOT Analysis and Porter’s five-force analysis to fully analyze Kodak’s current position in the market. In addition, we discuss financial strategy, marketing strategy and several suggestions on the changing of company culture.

2. Assessing Kodak’s position in the market


This comprehensive SWOT profile of Kodak provides you an in-depth strategic SWOT analysis of the company’s businesses and operations. The profile has been compiled by Global Data to bring to you a clear and an unbiased view of the company’s key strengths and weaknesses and the potential opportunities and threats.[2]

Table 1. SWOT analysis of Kodak

illustration not visible in this excerpt3


1) Threat of New Entrants

For Kodak, the digital market is free to enter and exit. The current situation regarding its main services is divided into four areas:

1. Traditional film industry: As Kodak has been part of the traditional film industry for over a hundred years; it has a strong hold on the traditional film segment. Kodak has no main competitor in this field. However, the field of personal film usage has seen a decline in the number of users since the advent of the digital camera.[4] Even the few users who remain have options other than Kodak for their needs: for example, Costco has the filming service, which provides free shipping, and rapid imaging just cost a few bucks. Therefore, smaller competitors like Costco are negatively affecting Kodak’s traditional film market. [5]
2. Digital Camera market: Kodak faces tough competition in the digital market, which includes electronics giants such as Sony and Canon, and also new and aggressive competitors with cutting edge technology. Although Kodak invented the digital camera, it has fallen behind in efficiency, profit margins, and sheer sales. Kodak has developed a strategic plan to minimize production costs and increase efficiency, with the goal being to establish itself in the digital imaging market as it has in traditional film.
3. Printers market: Despite being a powerful multinational corporation, Kodak seems like a novice in this industry, which is almost completely dominated by Hewlett-Packard and Lexmark. Kodak’s introduction of three all-in-one (AIO)[6] printer models is aimed at helping it compete with HP and Lexmark; however, Kodak's limited product line aligned with its unusual pricing strategy will make stealing market share from these well-established industry leaders difficult.


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