KHMRAJ - Hierarchy Method of Teaching

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We have gone through different methods of teaching but the advantages of one method become the limitations of other method. Keeping in view this, we have prepared a new hierarchy method of teaching called" KHMRAJ HIERARCHY METHOD OF TEACHING. It includes these steps in sequence, Dalton division, preparation, lecture/presentation, buzz group, discussion, brainstorming, problem, projects, and seminar method. This hierarchy method will definitely bring some positive modification in our present system of education.

Key Words:-Teaching method, hierarchy, lecture, discussion, projects, seminar


The KHMRAJ hierarchy method of teaching is prepared by Muddasir Hamid Malik of Department of Education, University of Kashmir 2012. We know that method is the instrument in the hands of a teacher through which a complex subject matter can be easily understood by any learner. No doubt we have passed through different methods of teaching that have influenced the educational systems of different countries at different times. Every teacher whether in primary, secondary or tertiary level have acquainted themselves with different methods of teachings and possesses knowledge that how different methods serves our educational system at different points. The teachers while entering into the classroom think whether lecture, discussion, role playing, problem solving, project method etc. should be used in the classroom. He thinks that if I will use lecture method, the advantages of other methods will become limitations of my classroom and likely he thinks about other methods. He remains in a dilemma and enters into class without preparing his topic according to the guidelines of any teaching method. He teaches in the classroom haphazardly and this results into wastage in terms of time, energy, money etc. The teachers always use specific methods of teaching for a particular content and the drawbacks or the advantages of other methods acts as limitations.

The whole process of education according to modern psychology revolves around the learner that means everything should be child-centred. Learner’s role is considered as pivotal because he is the agent for whom the whole process is meant for. The different specific teaching methods used by the teachers at specific times for specific contents no doubt brings change to some extent but overall the progress of learners remains standstill due to different reasons. Modern child-centred education has diminished the role of teacher and highlighted learner as more important than teacher. The teacher who was in ancient India considered as Guru have been put behind the curtain because of the modern teaching methodology but this KHMRAJ hierarchy method of teaching neither keeps the teacher behind the curtain nor neglects the student’s importance in the process of teaching and learning and keeps both active as well as alive in the classroom. This KHMRAJ hierarchy method of teaching will overcome the shortcomings of most methods of teachings and will incorporate the advantages of different methods of teachings. No teacher will now think that which method of teaching should we use or choose for teaching a particular topic. After acquainting himself with this KHMRAJ hierarchy method of teaching, the teachers will not be dependent upon other methods of teachings simply by going through the procedure of this method. Now the teachers need not to worry that which method will they use in the classroom for teaching a particular topic.


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KHMRAJ - Hierarchy Method of Teaching
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  • Muddasir Malik on 1/8/2013

    if educationists will keenly look at this new proposal, it will definitely bring some positive change in te field of education

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