Teacher Development – Ways and Means

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“In North America there is a trend toward a new educational orthodoxy that says all

Teacher development should follow a constructivist path to good teaching”

- Daniel D. Pratt

Teaching is one of the noblest professions in the world. The role of the teacher here is massive. “The teacher is the yardstick that measures the achievements and aspirations of the nation. The worth and potentialities of a country get evaluated in and through the work of the teacher, the people of a country are the enlarged replica of their teacher. They are the real nation builders.” It never requires any description that the teacher is the axil of any educational system of the younger students. On him rests the failure or the success of the system. If the teachers are well educated and if they are intellectually alive and take keen interest in their job, then only, success is ensured. But, if on the other hand, they lack training in education and if they cannot give their heart to their profession, the system is destined to fail. Hence, the teacher is another spirited component of the school. Teacher is the vigorous force of all the education system. Hence it is mandatory to go for their development in the process of teaching.

Teacher Development

Generally, the term development stands for the growth or change. The notion of teacher development process is to become better as it seeks to help the growth of teachers, understanding what is teaching and exploring themselves as teachers rather than individual persons. Development means a continuous process i.e. lively and dynamic that involves making sense and interpretation of oneself and one’s experiences. Hence, education or learning is a component for the teacher development. It is a current learning about how to teach and to help the learners to learn. The teacher needs to have wide range of classroom skills and critical skills to implement in the real classroom situation as required.


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Teacher Development – Ways and Means
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The Paper was presented at a National Conference conducted at TILT-2012 - B.S.Abdur Rahman University-Chennai-India. I would like to thank all my friends, colleagues and the management of Saveetha School of Engineering - Saveetha University - Chennai - India
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