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This presentation has been created to acquaint you with the overall performance of the tourist site, held during summer my experience as a front office manager in hotel Intercontinental - Golden Sands. The hotel is freshly renovated, 5-star, situated only meters from the beach and 17km from Varna city center. The property features a mix of 325 standard, superior rooms and suites, with stunning park and sea views. Guests can enjoy our extensive Spa services, 24- hour Casino access and entertainment, dedicated Concierge team, Shopping center, Kids Club, Wi-Fi and complimentary car-park facilities, guaranteed to make your stay magnificent and memorable

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The nature of the industry in Bulgaria should and could be linked with the poverty reduction (Ashely and Roe, 2002; Ashely, Boyd and Goodwin, 2001). It has been argued that a vast potential exists for making tourism effectively benefit the poor. This is especially true since the tourism sector is generally labor intensive, inclusive of women and the informal sector. Besides, the tourism sector could also be based on the natural and cultural assets of the poor. Simply put, good opportunities exist for poor households to diversify their income sources through the creation of tourism related employment. Thus, the development of the tourism industry in Bulgaria can be an important vehicle for the poor households to increase their income. Indeed, in any area where there is a concentration of tourism activities, the opportunities which arise from tourism development could be central to the economic advancement of the poor households. Consequently, this may lead to a significant reduction in poverty.

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However the next slides are showing my hotel experience as a front office in hotel " Intercontinental" - Golden Sands.

The hotel staff at the reception consisted of 4 administrators and 4 bellboys, as the wage occupied by my position - front office was 450 levs for 12- hours shifts ( day, night and two days' rest) - as a front office we had administrator concierge and security of the night shifts. The operating software of the reception program was "Clock".

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I need to mention the fact that״ Intercontinental hotel״ - Golden Sands has contracts with leading tour-operators such as Al travel, Thomas Cooks, Blue Seas cruises and many more. To examine the contribution and the impact of that kind of coordination in tourism does not only depend on the degree (magnitude) of inequality of each source as calculated everywhere, but also depends on the non-tourism services since the importance of income of tourism activities in the total contribution of the hotel is more than relevant. The hotel plans its greatest occupation for the period 15 July - 30 September, when according to researches is shown that the percentage of tourism source is 25.32%. This implies that income from tourism sources has disequalising effect on inequality since its share in the total income is smaller than the share in total inequality. The hotel is occupied to a lesser extent for the periods 15 May - 15 June and 01 of October -15 October.

Regarding the ways of business communication what I must focus on is the following:

A key element in intercompany communication is the communication policy that meets the competitive dynamics of business. This in practice means through active and open communication with the support of the senior management of the company and through the actual use of the

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> engage employees in the implementation of the company policies;

> maintain an active dialogue with employees;

> invest in continuous training of staff;

> provide good business practices;

> gets satisfaction from the work;

> initiate open discussions;

> support innovative proposals;

> involve employees in the process of decision-making;

> identify staff with company values;

> provoke unusual ideas;

> initiate Training courses, role-playing games and more;

> full use of Internet technology;

> encourage social responsibility managers;

> motivate employees for personal appearances;

> promote positive thinking employees and many more.

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The evaluation techniques are basically related to the attestation and all forms of it. In “Intercontinental hotel” - Golden sands the attestation passes through three basic phases. These are: evaluation of the abilities to work with customers, evaluation of the abilities to work in a team and evaluation of the abilities to recognize the picture in a whole. Having in mind all of the above mentioned, we need to mention the theory of Planned Behavior, in which the human behavior originates from the intention of the individual to behave in a certain way. As long as his intention to be associated with certain behavior is strong, so much more likely is to act in this way ( Ajzen, 1991). Modifying individuals’ intention to act brings behaviour change ( Zint, 2002). According to Sia ( 1984) there are fi ve predictors of Responsible Environmental Behaviour: individual and group locus of control, knowledge and skills in using action strategies and environmental sensitivity.

Regarding the expected behavior and relevant conduct we must mention the fact, that women have been overlooked in the management of the hotel. We might also say that this is a male-dominated area of work. In spite of the fact that gender is not a primary factor in human and especially in work interactions T must mention the idea that in order to understand gender differences at the work place we need to explore all the relevant participants’ motivations, preferred participation process characteristics and process evaluation criteria. It is all about the idea of how women present themselves at the workplace and how all the work has been organized.

Here, we do not need a basic idea of what the strong and weak point of “ Intercontinental hotel” Golden Sands are, what we need is a basic understanding of the fact that the expected behavior and conduct is oriented towards the equality amongst genders.

Having in mind the idea of the health and safety issues, we need to focus on the fact that the hotel has the relevant risk assessment. It helps people focus on the risks that really matter in their workplace - the ones with the potential to cause real harm. In many instances, straightforward measures can readily control risks, for example ensuring spillages are cleaned up promptly so people do not slip, or cupboard drawers are kept closed to ensure people do not trip. For most, that means simple, cheap and effective measures to ensure your most valuable asset - your workforce - is protected.

One of the most important assets of the risks prevention is the kitchen ventilation that is required to create a safe and comfortable working environment. Catering and cooking can produce significant quantities of fumes and vapours as well as large amounts of heat. Ventilation is necessary to remove these and discharge them to a safe external location. This is usually achieved by mechanical extraction via a canopy hood installed over the cooking appliances. The ventilation system should also provide general ventilation throughout the kitchen.

Society, environment and economy are the three key areas of sustainable development in business. According to them, all that has to be concluded need to be done. Basically, the hotel management at the regarded hotel is at the desired level; what I must say from my position of front office is that the basic activities at the hotel are at the required level, however a lot more can and has to be done.


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