Project Teach. An Instructional Support to the Teachers

Elaboration, 2019

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I. Introduction

Having a 21st century learners, teachers needs 21st century teaching skills to address the demands of this type of learners. In this new generation of learners, teachers need to upgrade their teaching competencies so that they can provide the 21st century skills needed by the learners.

In 2012, the Philippine government mandated the Department of Education (DepEd) to implement the K-12 curriculum under the leadership of the Bro. Armin Luistro as the Department Sectary of Education. This new curriculum is aimed to provide the 2 years of backlog of Filipino working class to complete the 12 years of education in the other countries.

This curriculum is also aimed to provide the working class the skills that they need to make them a globally competitive labor force. But, how about teachers who do not undergo 12 years of schooling, are they prepared to provide the 21st century skills to the 21st century learners?

This study adheres to one of the 7 CID projects of the Division of Cavite Province the HI-TEACH which aims to strengthen the Instructional Support of School Heads and Educational Supervisors to teachers to strengthen their teaching skills for the 21st century learners .

II. Review of Related Literature

The following related literatures was gathered to provide the background of the study.

In the study conducted by Pa-Alisbo (2017) he concluded that teaching performance of teachers did not vary in terms of educational attainments, length of service and salary grade. He also found out that young professionals have been developed in their pre-service years while the seasoned teachers have been honed through the passing of years though slightly different in computer literacy. He recommends that DepEd should implement the intensive monitoring and evaluation teacher’s job performance of from the higher ranks, district supervisors, school heads, peers and pupils or learners other than just mere self- assessment. Sustainability of professional growth among teachers are likewise advised.

Maksimovic and Dimic (2016), found out that in strengthening teacher’s teaching performance, it is necessary to teachers to equipped them serves with the importance and utilization of Information Communication technology (ICT) having this competencies, teachers can provide 21st century skills among pupils.

Archambault and Larson (2015) on their study on pioneering the digital Age of Instruction: learning from and about K-12 online teachers, they suggested that teachers must be prepared in both face-to-face and online teaching methods and practices.

III. Research Questions

This study aimed to answer the following questions:

1. During the observation process of school heads to teachers, what are the common technical assistance provided by the school heads to teachers?

2. What are the technical assistance provided by the school heads in terms of the following domains:
a. Content Knowledge and Pedagogy;
b. Learning Environment and Diversity of Learners;
c. Curriculum and Planning; and
d. Assessment and Reporting

3. Based on the findings, what Professional Development Plan maybe proposed?

4. What is the future plan of the XY for the Professional Development of teachers?

IV. Scope and Limitation

The participants of this study are the School Heads and Teachers of XY both Elementary and Secondary with 1 year and above year in the service.

V. Ethical Issues

Prior to the conduct / distribution of the questionnaires, the research ask the permission of the Schools Division Superintendent that she will be allowed to distribute questionnaires to the different schools in the district of Trece Martires City. That research also assured to the participants the outmost confidentiality of their responses.

VI. Methodology

This study employed the mixed method in the statistical treatment of the data and the following statistical tools used to answer the research questions the frequency, ranking of variables, weighted mean of the respondents. This study will also employ purposive sampling of respondents since all of the school heads are participants of the study.

VII. Sampling and Population

The participants of this study are the 28 school heads and 1200 teachers of XY. Purposive sampling was employed in this study. Teachers who belongs to 1 year and below in the service were not included in the study.

VIII. Data Collection

This study utilized Likert Scale, self-made questionnaire and unstructured interview adopting some of the indicators stipulated in the past tools in assessing teachers performance in the CB-PAST and NCBTS TSINA and was validated by one of the Human Resource Professor in Eulogio “Amang” Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology.

IX. Data Analysis

To provide the specific answers to the research questions of the study the researcher employed percentage, weighted means and ranking of the responses of the participants.

X. Results and Discussion

SOP 1 During the observation process of school heads to teachers, what are the common technical

assistance provided by the school heads to teachers?

a. Content Knowledge and Pedagogy

Use of ICT in planning, designing and delivery of the lesson find ways and means to integrate the lessons to other curriculum areas. Teachers was encourage to be resourceful. Mentored teachers through observation of demonstration teaching aligned with the approaches.

b. Learning Environment and Diversity of Learners;

The school head see to it that immediate attention to queries and improvement of classroom setting as possible. The teachers give enough time to think for the correct answer, the learners was provided materials available in the classroom and not for display only.

c. Curriculum and Planning

The school head conducts staff meeting every month to provide feedback to provide better communications and improvement for the next month.

The teachers was encourage to enroll to have a short courses of computer studies for them to be equipped with the current trends.

d. Assessment and Reporting?

The teachers are instructed to revisit test construction by giving them training on test construction supervise them in the intervention activities that the teachers are doing and monitor them.

The school head Develop SLAC on test construction and how to align the test to Blooms Taxonomy.

SOP 2. What are the technical assistance provided by the school heads in terms of the following domains:

Table 1


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Table 1 shows that school heads rated the following domains, content knowledge and pedagogy of 4.60, Learning Environment and Diversity of Learners 4.61, Curriculum and Planning 4.62, Assessment and Reporting 4.62 with a total average mean of 4.61 which means Very Evident.


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