Solid State Physics. Structure and Properties of Materials

Textbook, 2020

887 Pages, Grade: 4.00 (very good)

Abstract or Introduction

This volume has study of crystal structure, the crystal bindings in solids, free electron theory, crystal defects, color centers, semiconductors, and superconductivity is made to fulfill the requirements of different kinds of readers. Electrical properties of metals, especially band theory of solids, magnetic properties of materials and dielectric properties of materials are discussed in details with fairness. Magnetic properties of materials id est, the classical theory of magnetism and the Quantum theory of magnetism have been discussed in two different Chapters. In the same way, the Classical statistical mechanics and the Quantum statistical mechanics have been discussed in two different chapters. This volume has to present illustrative examples of both the ideas and the methods. The book is intended as a text book on Solid State Physics for undergraduate, graduate, and Masters Levels and also as a reference book for anyone who is interested in this field of enquiry. It is to be noted that the purpose of this book is to cover the basic principles and methods of Solid State Physics which are usually included in the course of teaching Physics at the undergraduate, graduate, and Masters Levels. We hope that this book will be useful to the students and teachers in the different universities around the world.


Solid State Physics. Structure and Properties of Materials
4.00 (very good)
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Atomic and Crystal Structure, X-ray Diffraction, Crystal Binding, Wave nature of matter, Electrical Theory of Solid, Free Electron Theory of Metals, Thermal Properties of Solids, Quantum Mechanical Properties of Metal, Crystal Defects, Semiconductor, Dielectrics, Classical theory of Magnetism, Quantum Theory of Magnetism, Classical Statistical mechanics, Quantum Statistical mechanics, Superconductivity, Band Theory of Solids
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Dr. Alauddin Khan (Author)Dr. Shumsun Naher Begum (Author), 2020, Solid State Physics. Structure and Properties of Materials, Munich, GRIN Verlag,


  • Dr Alauddin Khan on 12/22/2020

    Grin publishing is quick and easy. The Grin team is highly relaiable and Professiona. Grin publishing gave me much trust and pleasur.

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Title: Solid State Physics. Structure and Properties of Materials

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