Dr. Abdelkrim Dekhakhena


The author is an Assistant Professor at 8 Mai 1945 University, Guelma and a PhD in American Studies at the University of Badji Mokhtar, Annaba. He lectures on American Civilization, Anglophone literature, language and civilization. He has held various service positions at the department (Deputy-Head of Department in charge of Pedagogy 2010- 2012, Manager of the Training Team in Charge of Subjects. He is currently the English Department Chair and Faculty Member. He has received training and research grants to Paris x, Nanterre University (France) and Jordan University, Amman (Jordan) in 2012 and 2013 respectively, and then Nanterre University again in 2014. He received a long-term research scholarship to Manchester Metropolitan University in (2015-2016). He is an aluminus of Study of US Institute (SUSI) on foreign policy 2017.

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Assistant Professor and researcher at the University of 8 May 1945, in Algeria and a PhD candidate in American Studies at Annaba University.Research at Université Paris 10, 2012 and Jordan University 2013.


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university of 8 MAI 1945 Guelma
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American Studies, US politics, US foreign policy in the Middle East and Africa, development and democracy, War on terror

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Author: Dr. Abdelkrim Dekhakhena

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Institution / College University of Guelma
Employed at university of 8 MAI 1945 Guelma
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Created on 7/7/2014

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