Born in1963 in Kumba, South West Region of Cameroon. Attended primary and secondary School in Catholic School Fence and St Francis secondary School Kumba respectively from 1970 t0 1983. Proceeded to CCAST Bambilifor High school studies. In 1985 was admitted in the School of Agronomy were He graduated in 1990 as an Agronomist. Presently holds an MBA in project management ,design and implementation from the Catholic University of Cameroon Bamenda under the academic tutelage of the University of Douala -Cameroon. He has worked in several local government and internationally sponsored projects sponsored by the World Bank, the African Development Bank and the Netherlands government. He is present an independent consultants to Many projects and organizations 2016

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27 years experience in Cooperative/ Credit Union Management and Agric management training. Holder of Master degree in project mangement and Senior Agric management


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Cooperative management, Agric enterprise management
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Cooperative and agric management
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Masters in project management
Microfinance management., agric and nutrition management

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Employed at PIDMA
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