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i born on 19th july 1971. Father Muhammad zafarulllah khan was import officer in BTM Mills Burewala. Passed my Matriculation exam from Govt B TM High School Burewala in 1988. Passed FA from Govt College Burewala in 1990. Passed BA from Govt. College Burewala in 1992. Then passed Master in Economics from Bahauddin University in 1995. Then joined Hafeez ghee and general mills Multan as a Asst. Stores Keeper. In the year 1997 i joined Govt of Punjab education dept. in the year 1997. i passed MA Islamiat in 2007 from Bahauddin zakariya University Multan and get admission in M.phil which was passed with distinction from BZU Multan . After that i get admission in PhD which is still in review process by me. Many articles have been published in online and hard journals.


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