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My name is Sunil Kumar Dharmappa and I was born on the 23rd of June, 1985 in Hunsur, Karnataka, India. My parents Dharmappa and Indira Dharmappa. I have one younger brother who has finished his MTECH and working as professor.

My early childhood was a typical middle class environment my parents worked hard to meet our needs end. I did my early schooling & secondary education from St. Josephs & Shastry Charitable trust at Hunsur Karnataka – India. Later joined Mangalore university to pursue Bachelors degree in management (2003 – 2007).

In the year 2007, Joined ICFAI university to pursue Master in Business Administration and awarded MBA in the year 2009. After completing my Masters, I joined Dr. Lal path labs (Clinical Laboratory) as Territory sales manger and worked till 2012 by the time I got offer from Nigeria for the position ofGeneral Manager. Joined Stallion Group of companies on sept 2012 and working till date. ( ).

I have successfully completed the MPE examination on Feb. 2014 in Nigeria and holding title of AMNIM (Associate Member of Nigeria Institute for Management) it is a regulatory body for professional managers in Nigeria.
I got married to Manasa in the year 2017 July and blessed with baby boy - Renith Gowda.

My hobbies are playing cricket, playing football listening to music.

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Dedicated and ambitious senior executive with a 11-year record of achievement in sales, marketing community outreach, business development, regulatory affairs and compliance, public relationship management.


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