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Osama Mohammed Elmardi Suleiman Khayal was born in Atbara, Sudan in 1966. He received his diploma degree in mechanical engineering from Mechanical Engineering College, Atbara, Sudan in 1990. He also received a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering from Sudan University of science and technology – Faculty of engineering in 1998, and a master degree in solid mechanics from Nile valley university (Atbara, Sudan) in 2003, and a PhD in structural engineering in 2017. He contributed in teaching some subjects in other universities such as Red Sea University (Port Sudan, Sudan), Kordofan University (Obayed, Sudan), Sudan University of Science and Technology (Khartoum, Sudan), Blue Nile University (Damazin, Sudan) and Kassala University (Kassala, Sudan). In addition, he supervised more than three hundred under graduate studies in diploma and B.Sc. levels and about thirty master theses. The author wrote about fifty engineering books written in Arabic language, and twenty books written in English language and more than hundred research papers in fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, internal combustion engines and analysis of composite structures. He is currently an associated professor in Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Nile Valley University Atbara, Sudan. His research interest and favorite subjects include structural mechanics, applied mechanics, control engineering and instrumentation, computer aided design, design of mechanical elements, fluid mechanics and dynamics, heat and mass transfer and hydraulic machinery. The author also works as a technical manager and superintendent of Al – Kamali mechanical and production workshops group which specializes in small, medium and large automotive overhaul maintenance and which situated in Atbara town in the north part of Sudan, River Nile State.

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Dr. Osama Mohammed Elmardi was born in Atbara, Sudan in 1966. He received a master degree from Nile valley university in 2003, and a PhD in 2017 both in structural engineering.


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