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Saharsh Khicha is a student at the University of Hong Kong currently majoring in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (intensive) and minoring in Computer Science. He is really interested in cell biology, biotechnology etc. He is currently a second year undergraduate student. He moved to Hong Kong for his undergraduate studies. Before he did International Baccalaureate Diploma Program from Jayshree Periwal International School, Jaipur, India. He took all three sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) as Higher levels.
During his IBDP studies, he was involved in a summer internship at the Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital, Jaipur, India from 06/25/2017 to 07/24/2017. In the 1 month duration of the internship he worked under the department of oncology and auto-radiotherapy. He also shadowed a doctor and attended some patients with minor problems such as cough, fever, stomachache etc. and prescribed them with appropriate medicine. At the department of oncology, he observed various cancerous cells in different body parts of human beings such as a cancerous femur, jaw etc. The department of auto-radiotherapy provided him with the possible treatment for early stage cancer. He learn about the radiation process and application of the machinery.
Completing first year at the University of Hong Kong in 2019, he went on to do another summer internship at a biotechnology firm Sanzyme Biologics Private Limited, Hyderabad, India for 2 months. He worked in the Molecular Lab under the supervision of the Research Associate at the firm. He was involved in one of the leading projects of the company. He learnt various techniques about the recombinant process such as Polymerase Chain Reaction, SDS-Page, Sonication, Fermentation etc. He was able to implement his theoretical knowledge about protein expression in the practical work.
He has successfully completed and published 1 research paper about the Interspecific and Intraspecific competition among the plants. He is currently working on another research paper about Chymosin protein expression and activation in order to convert milk into cheese by recombinant plasmid digestion. Instead of collecting chymosin from cow's stomach we can produce it in the lab by Recombinant Technology.
Currently, he is also looking for Internships in Hong Kong or other countries in the field related to biology. He is also interested in any online projects of which he can be involved and participate.

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I am a student at the University of Hong Kong intending to do an intensive major in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology and a minor in Computer Science. I want to pursue a career in computational biology.


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