Ph.D. Magdelena Stoyanova


1989: PhD in Byzantine and post Byzantine art history awarded by the
University Paris-I Panthéon-Sorbonne/INALCO.
1983-6: PhD fellowship /scientific researcher in Medieval Art History of the Balkans
at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.
1982: M.Sc degree in art history from the Academy of Fine Arts - Sofia.

Author of three books and 25 publications on orthodox cultural heritage in Russian, French, German, Italian, English and Bulgarian, and of 27 on modern art and industrial design in Bulgarian:

Conferences on the iconographical schools and collections of orthodox art.
Lecturer at professional training courses on historic techniques and materials in oriental painting and gilding. Collaboration for the restoration of important Byzantine mosaics, of wall and easel paintings, furniture, Venetian lacquers, casein tempera ceilings, silver covers. Hundreds of expertises on eastern European ancient and modern artefacts. Top market achievement: £ 3 milliards (Venice 1999) for 16 icons by T. Poulakis

Field research on the Levantine and Alpine flora on “Useful plant resources in crafts and industry”.
Comments to written sources on chemistry of ancient inks, tanned leather, dyed and printed textiles.
Reconstruction of ancient technical recipes and development of materials of plant origin for arts&craft techniques, conservation and restoration: pigments, varnishes, lacquers, adhesives, inks, surface-active agents, solvents, biocides, impregnation and consolidation substances for mortars and paintings on different supports, for conservation of historic textiles, gildings and of gilt leather. Research on the emulsion stabilizers and natural pigments used in Europe and Africa (Ethiopia and Somalia particularly).
Hundreds of works realized in varieties of tempera; in encaustic and casein painting; in emulsions, oil or in mixed techniques on different supports. Designs. Lacquers. Paintings and prints on silk. Authentic art copies. Design and realization of furniture. Conservation and restoration of glass, paper, textiles, silver, mosaics, leather.

Art expert by the Commercial Chambre and the Court of Venice.
Member of CISBI – Ca' Foscari (Venice).
Network with COST/COSCH, Art-Conservation.Ru, Orbis Aethiopicus, etc.

Awarded the ( “Best Investigation in Conservation and Restoration (Реставрационный дневник)” Prize for the year 2012,

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