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HERCULANO ÓSCAR FILEMÃO MOISÉS THUMBO was born in the then City of Lourenço Marques, now Maputo.
He is a journalist since 1986 at Televisão de Moçambique (TVM), the public television of Mozambique, having a wide experience in communication, television, press and radio. For several years, he has been practicing urban and rural journalism, becoming profoundly aware of the reality of the population and regions of Mozambique. He has worked as a correspondent in Mozambique for foreign agencies, magazines and radios and has also reported from several countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.
He was Director of Programs, having held various managerial and leadership positions, namely, Head of the International Desk, Deputy Editorial Director for Programs, Deputy Head of the Newsroom, Head of the Newsroom, Deputy Director of Information, Central Coordinator of the Provincial Television Centers and Coordinator of the Training Center at TVM.
He holds a Master's Degree in Romanic Studies, specializing in Comparative Oral Traditions, and has a Bachelor of Modern Literature from the University of Poitiers in France. He is a university professor of Journalism, Legislation and Ethics of Communication and Notions of Law.
He graduated in Law at Eduardo Mondlane University, and is currently a trainee lawyer.
It is a sworn translator in Portuguese-French-Portuguese.


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