PhD/ Dr. Razan Jadaan



*Born in :Germany 1975

* School Education: Between Germany and Jordan.

* University Education: Under graduate, Masters and PhD at the University of Vienna (Universitaet Wien) in Austria.

* Filed of Education: Communication Sciences and Mass Media Studies, Political Sciences, Sociology and Theatre.

* Work Experience: Lecturer as Assistant Professor at the following Universities:
- Al-Petra University in Jordan.
- Philadelphia University in Jordan.
- Canadian University in Dubai/ UAE.
- University of Sharjah/UAE.
- Al-Ghurair University in Dubai/ UAE.

* Mass Media and Communication Advisor at HRH Prince El-Hassan Bin Talal Majlis El-Hassan Institution.

* Scientific Achievements:
- Research Paper Published in Arabic: Culture of Resistance and the Dialectic of Opposition in the Inter-Cultural Communication.
- A book published in Arabic: Inter-Cultural Communication: Reality- Axiom- Image.
- Research Paper (under construction): Inter-Cultural Communication and Social Media: The Effect of Social Media on the World Wide Public Opinions between Orient and Occident, East and West and between the Arab World, Europe and U.S.A.

About Me

I feel myself as a cosmopolitan citizen who lives between Europe and the Arab world since childhood. I went to school in Jordan and achieved my bachelor, Masters and PhD studies at the university of Vienna in Austria


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