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Nzube Cliff Orakwelu is a graduate of Mechanical engineering in Coventry University U.K (Malaysia campus). He graduated with second class upper. He is the fourth Child in a family of eighth children and the first son. Nzube is a goal getter who believe in achieving his goal.
While growing up, Nzube had the intentions of studying abroad for his tertiary education, he did not allow his his average family condition to kill his dream. He started applying for scholarships in different scholarship platforms. He later did not get any offer but that still did not kill his dream until his father who is an average businessman went beyond his way to source funds through banks and friends to sponsor his education in Coventry University.
Nzube, due to his background started taking up his lessons serious that he became a tutor to his friends and classmates, from there he was able to save up some token being paid to him for his upkeeps and buying of academic materials in school.
After his studies, he came back to his home country Nigeria to partake in the one year compulsory youth service where he served and worked in automobile company.
Nzube is a tech savvy which made him develop interest in robotics, he is currently doing his masters in research at University of Johannesburg under the supervision of Professor Tartubu Lagouge.


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