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Sarah Maringele is born in Feldkirch (Vorarlberg/Austria) in 1986. As a student of the law department at the Johannes Kepler University Linz she focused on Human Rights Law as well as Legal gender studies and diversity. During the time at the JKU, she completed an exchange program at the National Taiwan University and the Chinese Language Division Centre (Taipei/R.O.C.), and at the Paris-Lodron University Salzburg. After she has been awarded a Magistra iura, she currently is working on her dissertation, emphasising on International Procedural Law in conjunction with Individual complaint procedure mechanisms.

Several internships offered the possibility to optimise the experiences and qualifications in the field of International Law, specifically in the sector of Human Rights Law; e.g.: Internship at the solicitor´s office Schwarzinger&partners (Wels), the Austrian Institute for Human Rights (Österreichisches Institut für Menschenrechte/Salzburg), the Austrian League for Human Rights (Österreichische LIGA/Vienna). She also has been working for the District Court (Bezirksgericht Innere Stadt/Vienna) and the Public Prosecutor's Office (Korneuburg). Moreover, she participated in interdisciplinary research work at the Liechtenstein Institute (Bendern/Liechtenstein), and worked for the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva (OHCHR). During her time with the OHCHR, Ms. Maringele worked closely with the Human Rights Council branch, and particularly with the Human Rights Council Complaint Procedure Unit.

Currently, Ms. Maringele is working with the Viennese law firm Gradwohl em.&Machac, who are experts in the field of criminal law, in particular, narcotic law, and have been nominated among the Top 3 criminal law attorneys in Austria according to Format law firm ranking 2016.


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