Tommaso Perrone



Currently I am Lecturer (Adjunct) at the Department of Humanities of the University of Salento, Italy.

After BA/MA in Philosophy at the Catholic University Milan (Italy), I hold a PhD Fellowship in Philosophy, Theory of Science and Catholic Theology at the University Munich (Germany). In the meanwhile, I also worked as research assistant for the project of the German Research Foundation SFB 536 Reflexive Modernization, in the Research Area: "Political epistemology of uncertainty: knowledge and rationality” (

My PhD thesis is concerning on phenomenological and epistemological investigations of intentionality from Husserl's phenomenology of logic to Scheler’s non-formal ontology of knowledge, Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences, University of Salento, Lecce, Italy, 10.12.2012, supervised by Prof. G. Rizzo.

Thanks to the programs P.O.R. PUGLIA 2000/2006 and P.O.R. PUGLIA 2007/2013, both funded by Italian Government and ERC, I have had the opportunity to research in Italy and Germany on axiomatic set theory, Stegmüller and the structuralism, Kuhn’s theory of science (2006, 2007); Husserl’s phenomenology of logic, Husserl’s phenomenology of logic, truth-likeness in analytic-philosophical domain; representational intentionality, intentional epistemic systems (2008, 2009).

My recent research activity is focused on the analysis of the epistemic structures of the link between intentionality and reality, especially in not classical physics (quantum systems). With Laura Tundo Ferente and Giorgio Rizzo I am part of the the Italian National Research Program "Nature and intentionality//Socio-political and epistemological aspects of the relation between intentionality and nature”.

Selected publications: Knowledge and the Ontological Placing of Knowing (2005, in Italian); Epistemological Remarks on the Rationality of Action (2010, 2010); Analogies and Possible Applications of the Structuralist Theory of Science (2011, in Italian); Rational models of scientific advances (2012, in Italian), The non representational character of experience (2014, in Italian); Models, Theory Dislodgment, and Epistemic non Asymptotic Enrichment (2014); Topological Contents of Physical Theories (forthcoming). He is author of the book La dinamica delle teorie scientifiche (The Dynamics of Scientific Theories), with a Preface of C.U. Moulines, Franco Angeli, Milan 2012.

About Me

AOS: formal epistemology, philosophy of science, phenomenology
AOC: analytical philosophy, philosophy of physics.
My recent research activity is on the analysis of the epistemic structures of intentionality


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