Christoph Heuermann



since 2011: Politics and Public Administration
University of Konstanz
current average grade : 1,7 (A-)

2001-2010 Ravensberger Gymnasium Herford, degree: Abitur (1,8)

Professional Experience:

October 2012: internship at think-tank „Open Europe“ in Berlin

Foreign Experience:

August-September 2012 Spanish-course in Granada
Superintensive-course A2

August 2010-July 2011 voluntary service in New Zealand
August-December project: „Amuri Area School“ in Culverden
January-July project: „Mount Tabor Trust“ in Helensville/Auckland

Extracurricular activities:

August 2012 „Freedom Week“ of the Hayek Society
Summer Academy for Politics, Philosophy and Economy

April/June 2012: participation at two UN-simulations (Stuttgart/Constance)

since May 2012: deputy chairman of a political student organisation

since October 2011: student organisation „ROCK YOUR LIFE!“
coaching of a pupil of german „Hauptschule“
press relations and other commitment in Constance

since 2011: mentor at „ICJA Freiwilligenaustausch weltweit“

2009-2011 advance man at elections

2005-2010 youth work in the community

Chess, Tennis, Reading, Blogging, Skiing, Travelling

Language Skills:

German (first language)
2001-2010 English (fluently)
2003-2008 Latin (basic skills)
2005-2008 French (basic skills)
2007-2010 Spanish (advanced skills)


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