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David Ackah a Ghanaian Professional Holds Ph.D. in Economic Development in Africa, MSc. Economics from the United State of America, Bachelor Degree in Accounting, Post Graduate Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management, & Post Graduate Diploma in Customer Relationship Management. He also holds a Diploma in Marketing from Institute of Commercial Management (ICM UK), Standard Diploma in Sales Management from Managing & Marketing Sales Association (MAMSA UK) and a certificate in Marketing & Salesmanship from the Institute of Export and Shipping Management.

David Ackah holds “Fellow Chartered Membership” (Highest Grade Membership) from the following Institutions, Institute of Project Management Professionals Ghana, Chartered Institute of Supply Chain Management, Ghana, Chartered Institute of Project Management, Nigeria, Institute of Certified Economists Ghana, & Chartered Institute of Customer Relationship Management, Nigeria.

David Ackah is the President of Institute of Project Management Professionals and a Senior Lecturer and Internal Auditor of Golden Sunbeam University College of Science & Technology (both School of Business and Administration) with an oversight of administrative and accounting procedures as well as planning the long-term auditing strategy for the onward development of the University. He provides operational support, monitoring and periodic review of administrative auditing to ensure the achievement of the vision and goals of the University.

David Ackah is an author of five Internationally Published Books in the areas of Business, and about forty-two Articles Published in the International domain. He has a total University teaching experience of 5 years, and a total professional experience of 8 years in Manufacturing, Pharma marketing, Sales/Distribution, administration, Economics & finance.

About Me

Dr. David Ackah was born in the Western part of Ghana, precisely Egyambra in the Ahanta West District. I hold Ph.D, M.Phil, & MSc in Economics, BSc Accounting, Diploma in Economics, & Diploma in Business Management.


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