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Bijan has been a consultant and academic for the past 20 years, is a Visiting Lecturer at well-known German Business Schools. He was previously Management Consultant and Project Manager at international companies such as SAP,, Axon Global, BTC, IDS Scheer, German Telecom, and many more, successfully delivering dozens of international and global business and IT projects.

His key skills are as a consultant, entrepreneur, teacher and researcher. As a consultant, he developed a number of CRM, Business and IT Strategy solutions with his colleagues at different multinational companies, including AREP4CRM© – developed by himself, to enable firms to gain competitive advantage from its CRM programmes and business and IT project activities. As an entrepreneur, he established a number of businesses with his partners in UK and Germany. As a teacher, he has taught different management and business subjects such as CRM, strategic marketing, business development, project management, and intercultural management, among others, at Bachelor, Master and Executive MBA levels. He is a frequent keynote speaker at both academic and practitioner conferences, particularly on the topic of CRM, project management and intercultural management. As a business and management researcher, his work is widely unpublished.

Über mich

Bijan has been a consultant (e.g. SAP, Vodafone,, German Telecom) and academic for the past 20 years, and is a visiting lecturer at well-known German business schools (e.g. UE, ISM, FOM, Fresenius).


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Bijan Kingly Management Consultants (BKC)
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CRM Projects, Digital Transformation Projects
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Digital CRM Experte, International Experienced Project Manager, Digital Transformation
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MBA (Bradford)
Football, Languages, Environmental Issues, Future Trends, Innovation

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Beschäftigt bei Bijan Kingly Management Consultants (BKC)
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