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Part IA: Description of Personal and Professional Goals
From early childhood, observation of my grandfather’s farming activities; I disliked the idea of becoming a peasant farmer due to its difficulties. Fortunately, my elementary school grades teachers instilled into me the value of education. Disliking the occupation of the people in my community, I made up a goal of attaining a doctorate in a course of my choice. However, my experience from working as Research Scientist, District Agricultural Officer, Training coordinator and a Process technologist in the business field has made me focus in obtaining a doctorate degree in business administration. I believe this is the career area I can best utilize my management and administration skills. My satisfaction working in the business field has prompted me to think of teaching business students in the near future. It is my desire to open private businesses in the future. Returns from these ventures will be used in assisting the underprivileged people in the developing countries.
My personal goals are; acquiring the highest level of education, lecturing at institutions of higher learning, and helping the under privileged people in society with funds generated from my individual business establishments.
My ability to determine a good career goal from infancy, after observing the difficulties in my grandfather’s farming profession has brought me to starting my business doctoral degree at Walden University. My work experiences from being a Research scientist, Agricultural officer, Training coordinator, Team Advisor, and Process technologist has made me developed skills in training, and managing people. Educational pursuits at Ohawu Agricultural College, Kpong Irrigation College, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, and Centenary College have made me fit to undertake my doctoral degree in business administration at Walden University. I am sure “I have selected the best opportunity which will offer me the greatest likelihood of success…” by enrolling with Walden University for my doctoral degree (Watkins and Cory 20011, p.7). After graduating from Walden University, I hope to use my degree to lecture students in higher institutions of learning, establishing personal business ventures in healthcare, heavy-duty machinery and solar equipment to the developing countries, and directing funds to assist the underprivileged people in society.


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