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Goetz is a Medical Student and fellowship holder of the GmbH & Co. KG, born in Hesse, Germany. After passing his A levels, Goetz studied Business Administration with a focus on Management at a private university in Germany. Simultaneously, he has completed his apprenticeship as an Industrial Business Management Assistant focusing on Global Marketing and Sales at one of the world's leading health suppliers. Goetz was awarded for his exceptional exam performance from the German Chamber of Commerce and gained working experience abroad. Afterwards, Goetz studied Human Medicine at the Bavarian State University of Regensburg. While studying, he worked, among others, as a Student Assistant and Tutor for Leopoldina Professor Tamm at Regensburg's Human Anatomy and Embryology Laboratory. After passing the preliminary state examination, Goetz proceeds with his medical study at the internationally renowned Georg August University. Besides, he works as a Tutor at the local Students' Medical Training Centre and as a working student for the "Was hab' ich?" gGmbH. Goetz is socially and politically engaged and was a board member of different associations and organisations. Currently, he is working on his experimental doctoral thesis under the supervision of Leopoldina Secretary Professor Gaertner. Due to his performance, Goetz has been distinguished by the state scholarship of Lower Saxony and by the national scholarship of the Federal Republic of Germany.


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